Saturday, March 24, 2007

Show Greg chappell the Door, paper stars should retire

India is out of ICC cricket world cup 2007. I am not surprised. Billions of Indian fans are shocked because they were not expecting an early exit. They lost against a minnows Bangladesh and also against Sri Lanka without any fight.

Indian cricket was downhill ever since the coach Greg Chappel was the coach. It is only the income of the players and coach which was raising. When BCCI was looking for a new coach few years , it was a foregone conclusion that Greg Chappel would be appointed. Other candidates were doing
time pass. :D The great Indian Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar , one among the interview panel wasn't convinced that Chappell was the right choice but BCCI went ahead and hired Chappell, a decision which has proved really costly.

Chappel tried all useless techniques and made sure that everyone lost form. Ganguly was stripped of captainship and removed from the team. (I support this). Sehwag, Sachin lost form. Bowlers lost confidence and fielding standards declined.

Coach alone take the responsibility. As per the chief selector Dravid got the team he asked for , Dravid wanted out of form Sehwag and Pathan in the team. Verdict - He should not be reappointed as Captain of the team.

Sachin failed to save to team several times in recent years and should retire. If he doesn't retire he should sacked. He is no longer God.

Saurav had recently made a comeback to international cricket. Did reasonably well against Bangladesh and Bermuda. He should retire as his fielding and running between the wickets is not good.

Sehwag, Agarkar should be dropped. Anil kumble has already made his decision to retire. Uthappa was trying to become hero by scoring big shots.

I hope that Indian fans will forget cricket. :D and concentrate on their work.